Can You Eat Orange Peels

Oranges are juicy citrus fruits that can quench your thirst and help you feel fresh instantly. However, the same can not be said about orange peels. Though orange peels are soft, they are not easy to eat. Let us have a look at whether you can eat orange peels or they are best to be discarded. 

Is it safe to east orange peels?

Eating orange peels is not known to cause ant side effects. You can safely eat them. However, these soft peels, though easy to chew, are too hard to actually eat and swallow. It can take a very long time to chew them before you can gulp them. Additionally, the peels of these sweet and sour fruits are sometimes bitter in taste.

Yet, eating orange peels can be good for the number of health benefits they provide. Here is a brief discussion about the nutritional content and medicinal potential of orange peels.

What are the benefits of eating orange peels?

  • Orange peels offer a good source of several essential nutrients, especially vitamin C. It would help to enhance your immune system functions and protect you against repeated episodes of allergies and infections. The vitamin C content of orange peels can also be beneficial for improving the natural antioxidant potential of your body. [1]
  • The peels of oranges just like that of other fruits offer a rich source of dietary fibers. Eating orange peels would help to create a sense of fullness in the stomach without actually increasing your calorie intake.

This happens because the dietary fibers in orange peels can help you feel as if you have eaten more. The peels do have too many calories. This makes orange peels a perfect food to eat in plenty when you are trying to lose weight. It will control your appetite and thus, promote a faster weight loss. [2]

  • Orange peels have a strong antioxidant potential just like the pulp of the same fruit. The antioxidant properties would help to protect your body against disease development by destroying free radicals. It would also improve the body’s ability to fight disease-causing agents like carcinogens, infective pathogens, and harmful toxins and chemicals. This would help to restore health and normal functions of vital organs. [3]
  • Eating orange peels could be beneficial for patients who suffer from constipation. The dietary fibers in peels cannot be digested by the intestine. This can help to increase the bulk of stools. It would also make the stools softer thereby easing the passage of stools. Relief from constipation would also help patients avoid other symptoms of indigestion like bloating, belching, and heaviness in the abdomen.


Eating orange peels may not be as a pleasant experience as eating the orange pulp. However, instead of discarding them, you can chew on them to derive their nutritional benefits. It would also help you feel full for longer and reduce your food intake.