Can You Eat Gold?

Has anyone ever told you to eat gold? If yes, you must have wondered whether it is even possible to eat gold. However, the gold referred to here is not the gold coins and bars, but gold dust and leaf. If you are eager to know whether you can eat gold in these forms, just read on…

Is gold edible?

Yes, gold is edible but in some specific forms only. Gold bars and coins are strictly inedible and not to be eaten. However, gold flakes, salts, and dust are indeed edible. It can even provide a few health benefits.

Edible gold salts, dust, and flakes are chemically inert, which means they can not react with any tissues or elements inside your body including your stomach as well as gastric acid and other enzymes secreted by your digestive system.

Gold can pass through your digestion system without getting absorbed. So, in theory, you can eat as much as gold flakes, salts, and dust as you like without falling sick.

Research studies have shown that the consumption of gold does not affect the normal functions of vital organs including the liver and kidneys. [1]

However, like any other food, eating excess gold can definitely lead to stomach upsets.

Edible gold is gluten-free. Hence, it is suitable even for patients who suffer from gluten sensitivity. Edible gold is also recognized as a food additive. It is commonly added to several health supplements and ready meals. Now, let us have a brief look at the benefits you can derive from eating gold.

What are the health benefits of eating gold?

  • Patients with lung disorders such as asthma and bronchitis can derive significant relief from the symptoms by eating gold flakes, dust, and leaf. The anti-inflammatory properties of gold can help to reduce swelling in the affected tissues and thus, provide relief from breathlessness, cough, and other symptoms caused due to these conditions.
  • Research studies have revealed that gold, which is referred to as Swarna bhasma in ayurvedic literature, can be utilized as a therapeutic agent for the management of diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, and nervous system diseases. [2]
  • Pure gold finds applications in the management of skin problems such as furuncles, and skin ulcers. It can also be used to detoxify the blood and eliminate toxic metals such as mercury from the body.  The use of gold can also help to reduce skin eruptions caused due to infections such as measles. [3]
  • There is evidence to suggest that eating gold can improve mental health. It can be beneficial for patients suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression.

Eating gold is considered safe and not known to cause serious adverse effects provided it is consumed in smaller quantities. Gold can provide relief from multiple health conditions including asthma, and skin diseases. 


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